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Steven C. Ellerbe, DO is a Board-Certified Family Physician and an experienced EMS Physician who resides in Liberty, Texas.

Dr Ellerbe graduated from Texas A&M University in 1984 and from the University of North Texas' Health Science Center at Fort Worth in 1990, obtaining his doctorate with honors. Selected as Chief Resident in Family Medicine during his post-graduate training, Dr Ellerbe then moved to Liberty, Texas where he has practiced since 1993.


Dr Ellerbe got his start in EMS in 1983 with the Texas A&M University Emergency Care Team. He served the EMS division as Primary Medic, Communications Officer, Field Duty Officer, and Operations Chief. He worked in a busy metropolitan 9-1-1 EMS during his medical school years, and was sworn as Fire Surgeon of the Liberty Fire Department soon after his arrival in Liberty. He currently provides EMS Medical Direction to three 9-1-1 EMS agencies and several first responder organisations. He served the State of Texas as multi-term Chair of the Governor's EMS & Trauma Advisory Council's EMS Medical Directors' Committee, and he remains an active member of that body still.

Married with two grown sons, active in his local church and community, Dr Ellerbe devotes at least one workday a week to medical direction, responding to fire and EMS alarms and maintaining direct, personal contact with EMS providers.

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