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Panorama Orthopedics chooses Nav Central for after-hours call services

Nav Central is pleased to announce a new agreement to provide all after-hours call services to Panorama Orthopedics, based in Golden, Colorado.


Nav Central will provide after-hours triage and problem-solving for patients of Panorama Orthopedics, which is one of the largest independent orthopedic practices in Colorado.


Unlike traditional after-hours answering services, Nav Central will use our unique, physician-approved triage process to actually answer the patient’s concerns and solve the problem, not just page the on-call physician or send the patient to the emergency department.


“We believe this is the next evolution of patient services for Panorama”, says Lance Goudzwaard, Chief Operating Officer of Panorama Orthopedics.   “This is a critical component of our mission to provide a true continuum of care for our patients and their families” he adds.  

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