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Healthcare Call Center

Our Services

Right Management, Right Patient, Right Location

Telephonic Management

 - Call Center Care


Our 24 hour medical call center is staffed primarily by specially-trained paramedics, supported by nurses and physicians.  We use client-approved algorithms to reach out to patients pro-actively to identify looming problems and ensure that the patient stays on track.

Pathway Management- Right Patient to Right Setting


We act as the “control center” for multi-disciplinary care.  Where the patient goes when they need care can have a tremendous impact on outcome, satisfaction and cost.  And it’s not always to local acute-care hospital emergency department.  We use carefully constructed, client-approved algorithms to direct the patient to the best location.

Physician Practice Support

Nav Central provides a full suite of services to support physician practices.

Our 24-hour clinically-staffed call center and administrative support infrastructure currently assists large and successful group practices

Field Intervention and Community Care

We engage local providers to create a network of clinicians who can respond to a client’s location immediately, 24 x 7, to resolve any issues that cannot be solved via telephone, but which don’t require an emergency (9-1-1) response.  This critical step saves many an un-needed ER trip, and greatly improves client satisfaction.

Hospital Readmission Prevention


Nav Central call center provides interventional means to minimize hospital utilization after discharge.

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