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Pathway Management - Right Management, Right Patient, Right Location

Why Pathway Management?

The skyrocketing costs associated with heatlhcare have made it necessary for hospitals and providers to introduce clincal pathways to reduce costs as well as variations in care. There are three main reasons for pathway managment:

  • To improve patient care and quality through patient/provider involvement

  • To properly intervene to avoid overlaping resources, lengthy hospital stays for particular conditions, and to identify patients who require additional attention and resources

  • To increase the communication and collaboration between all caregivers which ensures continuity of care by reducing unncessary treatments and variations of care for the particular patient

The above sounds relatively easy, right? This is not the case for today's caregivers. Although many have come up with ways to share the data associated with their patients, they have not effectively solved the issue of when the patient is out of their immediate care. This is where Nav Central has come up with the solution for hospitals, providers, and payers.

Nav Central acts as the “control center” for multi-disciplinary care.  We have found that where the patient goes when they need care can have a tremendous impact on outcome, satisfaction and cost.  We use carefully constructed, client-approved algorithms to direct the patient to the best location for care - which is not always to the local emergency room.

Let Nav Central be your communication link to your patients. Through Nav Central's Pathway Management System, we will work to:

  • Improve care transition communication

  • Improve clinical outcomes

  • Manage ACO and Post Acute bundled payment models (BPCI)

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Work to keep patients "in network"

  • Reduce overall 30 day readmissions

Want to talk further on how we can assist you or your organization?

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