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Physician Practice Support

Nav-Central provides a full suite of services to support physician practices. 

After-Hours Support

The standard after-hours call system is frustrating and disappointing to both the patients (customers) and the providers.  Our after-hours call services alleviate your providers from the vast majority of the burden, while providing a great experience to your patients. 


We don’t simply take a message and page the on-call provider; we solve the patient’s problem in real time rarely involving your clinician after hours. 

Utilizing protocols and algorithms specifically modified and approved by our clients, our advanced practice clinicians will resolve the problem by phone 90% of the time.  This provides the patient immediate care which often times avoids unneccesary trips to the emergency room.

All our interactions are documented and submitted to your medical record system within 24 hours.  Alerts can be sent in real- time by SMS or email to all necessary parties.

Telephonic Triage

Many physician practices spend significant manpower answering patient’s clinical questions and concerns.  “Is it OK if I take another pain pill?”  “Should I be concerned that the cast is starting to fray?”  “What can I do about constipation?”

Nav Central can act as a first-line interventional tool for these issues.


As soon as your office operator or receptionist realizes that the caller has a medical question, the call can be transferred to Nav Central.  As with our after-hours call support, we use our client approved protocols and algorithms, to answer the patient’s concern and solve the problem.  If needed, we can contact our client's clinician for further guidance and schedule the patient for an appointment. The calls are documented to your medical records system within 24 hours. 

Often, the above type issues are handled by our client's clinical staff.  Nav Central’s service not only reduces the cost of staffing such resources but also returns the resource to front-line clinic work.

Pharmacy Call Support

Another resource-intensive challenge for many physician practices are patient calls regarding medications; refills and requests for a change in medication, for example. 


Nav-Central can provide this service in a very cost-effective way.  We use your patient records and pre-approved orders to handle patient pharmacy requests quickly and efficiently.  We send the new or revised prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice, and document the interaction to your medical record system within 24 hours.


From the patient’s viewpoint, it is a very pleasant experience, while saving precious man-hours for your office staff.  

Billing/Collections Services

Nav-Central is fortunate to operate a full service medical billing service within the family of companies. 


These resources can be put to use for our physician practice customers.  Our staff can assist with patient balance collections, making after-hour billing calls on your behalf and posting payments and/or agreements to your system. 


Our billing company generally provides these services at a considerably discounted rate relative to typical collection agencies and/or in-house staff. 

Want to talk further on how we can assist you or your organization?

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