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Telephonic Management - Call Center Care

Our 24-hour call center staffed by advanced practice clinicians assist hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospice, providers and payers to better manage their patient population by lowering costs, increasing provider efficiencies, and improving patient outcomes while also improving patient and family satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is a core element to an overall health improvement. We have found that higher patient satisfaction leads to a high corporate reputation and improved patient outcomes.

Our common goals for our clients are to successfully do the following:

  • Identify immediate opportunities for improvement in real-time

  • Work towards improved clinical outcomes for our client's patient population

  • Reduce patient/family anxieties associated with healthcare

  • Perform data analytics to support high levels of patient/family satisfaction

  • Align with our clients to support a RTA Reduction Program

Want to talk further on how we can assist you or your organization?

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